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Food Safety


Fresh quality ingredients

All ingredients are carefully handpicked and purchased fresh everyday to meet our quality standards and to reduce the chances of spoilage.


Strictly Veg

We are complete vegetarians and we make sure we serve you only veg food.


No storage. made fresh delivered fresh

We make sure not to store any food product, hence reducing the chances of spoilage. All JabWeAte dishes are made fresh only after the order is placed.


Small batch

We donít follow mass manufacturing process. We prioritize quality over quantity. Each product is made in small batches to ensure quality control.


No Artificial Additives

At JabWeAte, we pride ourselves on giving you only the real stuff. Not a single product at JabWeAte contains added preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients.


Personal Supervision

Each of our process, starting from procurement to sorting and preparation to packaging and delivery is manually suprvised to ensure we achieve highest quality standards


Sampling & Tasting

Each small batch is sampled for a thourough visual and taste inspection. If we donít like the taste, we prepare the whole batch again. We make sure you get the yummiest food only.


Hygiene & Cleanliness

Our kitchen is inspected for hygiene and cleanliness. We follow a strict checklist to maintain highest standards of hygiene.


Packaging & Material

We use thouroughly tested food grade packaging materials that are hygienically cleansed before and contact with the food.



We do surprise audits at each step of the process i.e. during proucurement, preparation and delivery to ensure you get the highest standard of food quality.


Tamper Proof Packaging

At JabWeAte, food is sealed individually by hand so that there is no chance of tampering during delivery.


Super-Fast Delivery

All JabWeAte food dishes are delivered within 1-1.30 hrs depending upon the area. You need to understand we only start cooking when we get the order. Serving you fresh food is our top most priority.