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Our Food Love Story

Someone told us one day, "Love cannot be described, it must be tasted", so we came up with an initiative to fill your bellies with most relished home made food!!!


If you are someone staying away from home, you may relate to this. What do you miss the most about home? For foodies, the answer to that would be of course 'Maa ke hath ka khana'. Often, we are challenged with the question 'Aaj Khaane mein kya hai?' It is a crisis, no less, for many who are in a situation where there is no time to cook and eat healthy, home-cooked food.


We decided to start #JabWeAte on a mission to solve this problem. We are on-demand, food delivery startup with a special focus on healthy desi style, home-cooked food which could be eaten on a daily basis. We wanted to bring simple home-made food as opposed to the lavish exotic sort to the corporate community as well.


After 6 months of extensive research on business models, opinion polls, and deciding on the various intricacies like the vendors, the venue, the brand name, taglines, color combination and every minute things, We started #JabWeAte in Salt lake and sector 5 area of Kolkata.


We had to understand everything from the working of a kitchen, the sourcing of ingredients, the food storage and the menu. The work that we put in, from fixing the menu to the daily running of the place has probably been my biggest strength. We specialize in the thalis system, offering 10 different varieties of thalis, making it easier for the consumer to order every day, without getting bored with the options and the hassle of making choices. Our USP is home-made food with complete freshness. We start cooking our food only when the order is placed.


I was clear that the food had to be cooked fresh every day, and we continue to hold true to this concept. We look forward each day to getting closer to serve other cities as well along with Kolkata.